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Sunday, October 28, 2012

grins vs. philosophy

    Ha ha ha, i can't stop giggling.. and with that chuckle we break through our lungs, impedimenting our breath, and we then break up into a laughter. That's what happens when we hear something really funny. we ought to spread that to the tiniest creature that comes our way. And sprinkling grins in all the hooks and corners of our surroundings.Surmising that thing for some time and then flushing it into the deep gloomy ocean of memories, sometimes non-volatile. And most of the time its just burlesque or farcical. That hits and conquers just the epidermal part of our  body. Maybe sometimes clenching the nerves,but just a rare case.
     But the inner core remains untouched. That the folk can't touch our intimate diligence. That it is not always sympathetic to us. That it is not at all vital for a better life. That cannot content up with the vital values, instead just provide nostalgic entertainment, sometimes even time spoiling. That cannot play with our hearts, that cannot nudge our souls and inspire for betterment.
     But there are certain things that are invaluable to us. That leave a deep impact on us. A meristematic kind that springs up into whole of our beefcake. That clenches the nerves, creating goosebumps, fondling our hearts and our souls. Speeding into our cerebral hemispheres, enlivening us to become someone and hold our own among others. And then becoming a volatile part our ROM. Such gospels become vitalities of life. Grooming us into a new face of ourselves. Effecting every part of our physique.
     Aforementioned dopes gift us with good values. That relates itself to the history of life, to the meremost particles of life. That aims to the betterment of the cycle of life and death. That's enough to shake the largest of creatures. That licks us with a spoonful of smile. The fact that is philosophical, not always related to God but related to human or animal life. That creates a typical feeling in our hearts. As if the nerves try to pop out and start up a tango.
     Aforesaid talks are always effective then the comedies. So if a we love kidding movie tapes, then such burlesque things can bring a laugh on our faces, but when it comes to something philosophical then such things can bring a smile on our faces. And smiles are always more meaningful then the broader laughs. the widths differ inversely to the intensities. The intense smiles mean that the particular piece has reached deep into your soul. And for sharing grins, we do need someone. But for philosophies our ownself is more then sufficient. Our inner core smiles and thus, i always feel that philosophical affairs are perpetually more persuasive then the grinful ones.  


  1. Sir,
    I quickly surfed through your blog and what i observed is that you are interested in writing on religious subjects only. But i will go through it whenever i am free.:)