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Thursday, October 18, 2012


    Oh that little creature is truthfully egoistic..or that little creature thinks just of her/his own self.. These are the words that we get to hear time and again. One says that the other is egoistic. But nowadays i think its the fault of the mirrors. that one cannot figure out ones own mistake. Every living human is egoistic. Before thinking the group benefits one thinks the benefits of his own self.
     Can't these mirrors stop lying. Can't they reflect the original image of ones character. Why does each human think twice of his own benefit. Why does an individual get hurt up, as soon as some thing less beneficial is to be summoned. Why does every person in this universe feel a pinch of pride for every little task.
     Though thinking too much of one self, one always blames the other person to be egoistic. Each person has a kind of respect for ones own self. And it is not at all a wrong thing, as everyone is gifted with certain self respect. But the self respect should not exceed its limits for it can make one selfish and egoistic. If once some discussions lead to a sort of conflict, we individuals don't even try to fix up the the situation. Our soul and our heart feels that the particular apology might effect our own ego and that leads to the sawing down of the toughest of bonds in just a second. The filaments of relationship untie just of the egoistic nature of the two.
     But ego is something that is inbornt. The human nature like wise provokes the feeling of selfishness and the one who fights up such feelings always shines like the brightest stars in the firmament. What we need to develop is a spirit, a true love for others and the most important thing, we shall never ought to make big bones. when we win over our egoism than we can proportionally win over the night like darkness from our character and the success will tend to be nigh than our cells. We would be liked and loved by the people around us for no one in the world ever like swaggering personalities. It would also help in creating a peaceful environment for we would be satisfied, though we seem to be duller than someone other than us.
     Ego is something that can create borders in the horizon of knowledge that seems to be fully achieved. If one does not gasconade and boast of ones abilities and be humble and learn with mindset of an abecedarian, than one can intellect the best with the available knowledge and also succeed to become a better human.
wow ! it's me.
     so right from today itself, we must spit out the muddy ego off from our soul and bring in the humbleness. but at the same time we must keep in mind that self respect is equally vital. so we must try to behave like a novice and always accept our wrong doings and kick the word ego from our dictions.


  1. How you could able to trace out the greatest enemy "Ego".
    Mirror is
    आयना आय means आओ आओ-पास आओ come to me, come to me and a persons gets attracted, then it washes of his ego showing what he is, but the person never accepts. The characteritics of Mirror is " दर्पण = दर्प means ego and ण (न means नहीं ) egoless state" but we are always deprived of availing its advantage. Just keep it up.

    1. these were some of my thoughts of being egoistic...thnks..

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    1. hi uncle. Thanks for flipping through my blog pages.