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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tarakh Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasma

    We do love to see the movies and serials. We do need something to watch in recreational times. Nowadays the most fame earning serial in India is Tarakh Mehta ka ooltah chasma. The serial pennes up by Tarakh Mehta. The serial that covers up the recent affairs, giving out really touching morals. With a genre that includes a cocktail of comedy, secularism, brotherhood, childish thoughts and all the emotions that can be brought about.
      The serial revolves around Jethalal Champaklal Gada who perpetually gets into exigencies. He in the serial is a businessman who owns 'Gada electronics'- a shop of electronic gadgets. He is terrible in English but yet always tries to teach his wife Daya to yearn fluency. Daya his wife does irritate Jethalal with her innocence. Jethalal the fat man with a mustache, who usually wears coloured tight shirts and formal trousers. He is brought out as a character who has respect for his elderly father Champaklal- bapuji, He is brought out as a character who has respect for his elderly father Champaklal- bapuji, who is full of enthusiasm even at such an elderly age. He always is on a goal to teach his son to live a scheduled life. His dearest in the family is his grand son who always tends to be a mischievous boy, but Tapu- Tipendre Gada is shown as a mature leader of  'Tapu Sena.' The group of the children in the society. This family is shown as the centre of the serial. There are also other member in the society who live like an enormous family. There's a full cup of brotherhood shown between the society members from different states and religions.
       This serial is really a worth to watch. It provides complete entertainment up with an era of recent goings, this serial has topped the viewers graph. Tarakh Mehta has proven his ability of entertaining people and setting up of a moral ending in each of the telecasts of this serial.

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  1. I know didi that u r busy with ur exams bu t i wish u complete this article soon:)>