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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a friend's word

    The vital most lesson that I learned through the tiniest experiences of my life is something striking. Something that can lose up your special pearls and make you weep for the very moment you read it. Something that would fondle up your congestion regarding early judgement of people's nature.
     Years ago, when i used to be a mere kid, 7 yrs old. I had to yearn to settle back in my old school after an unsuccessful attempt to acclimatize myself to the British livelihood. The novice mates of mine bantered me at times and soon it became their daily routine. To plan up for my provoke, had become their aspiration. They starved to carve out to abuse me at the teacher's side. Complaints from my parents' side had filled up the teachers' heads. And i was the miserable victim.
      And the most hazardous enemies of mine were the five smart and rude girls (as i called them). The teachers' flatterers. Yet it was  my innocence that i tried to be in touch with them. Everyday they played new pranks that abused me. And every day my insults raised. Each day i felt lonely. No friends at school, just badwishers all round.
      And also the horrid teachers scolding me time and again for nothing wrong, and my terrible grades. It all screwed me up like the ant stuck up in an anhydrous desert, striving for a single drop of cool imparting liquid. Each day i used to weep in utmost loneliness, locking myself in my four-walled room. Yelling to God for aid yet all in vain.
      My mindset wrangled up and then i used to look up at those girls as devils, harassing a young little girl. I had no friends at all. At breaks i used to wander up all round, all alone, trying to aquisize a kind-hearted person. I badly needed well mates. And each moment i tried to control up my mind, but the hatred for the five ghouls didn't decrease and no one aided me up last. Merely the interference of parents hindered up more of relations, and everything demolished. No mercy had they got on me. I had judged them as the worst creatures in the fauna world.
      But up as i grew up, i learned to tackle such situations, and i don't know what happened, but gradually, the days of dismay all went by, every worst thing passed by. As if a new ray entered my day. And moderately their hatred for me turned up into love. Their provokes replaced words such as 'Best friend'. Their banters called me up to perceptibly become one of their best mate.
      Today, up is the day when i have mastered all the skills of making friends, today is the day when i have infinity of friends. Today is the day when the devils have won up my hearts. Today is the when the two of the devils are my best of friends. And the others are close too. The way i judged them is totally wrong at present. Even they are regretful for their unmerciful deeds. Even they can't catch up a day without me.
       Today we giggle up at our past as enemies, and wonder that what has changed in the last five years. What has brought us too close. Is it a miracle? Even today i cry, but just thinking that what could happen if i lost my buddies. And i am sure that after a terrible mental state that i had entered up i shall never tease anyone such miserably. But i am sure today, without hearing the voice of those two mates I can't start up my day. I talk to them with signs even when the teachers teach.  I can't catch up at school without those two for even just a second and its my pleasure to owe them.
      This is just what i can write up of all the situations after a five-year time.  I feel that it would be all right if no one else reads this. But i hope that my friends, wherever they are, would go through my lines and set up for a journey in my heart and promise that they shall never leave me.


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