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Friday, December 28, 2012

Farewell 2012

     Santa rings a gift for all of us. A gift of a new year. After every Christmas comes the farewell parties. This year we are to bid a bye to 2012. The year that we welcomed on 31st 2011. But now we need to shed some tears bid a bye to 2012.
     2012 was a historic year. Year when new meres were born but the year when we lost too many people. Year when we smiled. The year when we laughed. But the year when we even cried. The the year when we were filled with enchantment and dismay. The year when we won praises, and the year when we lost our reputations. The year that had everything new. The year when we learned new tricks. The year full of blues. And the year full of almighty clues. Year when we won new friends but the year when we lost the old ones. The year full of developments but the year that was disastrous though. The year when we touched victory but the year when we had to digest defeat.The year when we were scared. The year when we were brave. The  year when we gained affection and love but the year when we gained hatred. The year when we made well well wishers but the year when we made enemies. The year when we were fortunate but the year when w were unlucky. Year when we were blessed but the year when we were cursed. The year that taught us with new experiences. The year that was joyous and full of fun. Year when countries fought but the year when the countries united. Year that created destruction but the year that raised new homes. The year that help us grow. Year that continues our life show. The year in which new emotions we had got to weave. The year that actually taught us to live.
     But now its the time to bid a bye to the past year. After every Christmas Santa gifts us a new year. And this time he gifted us with 2013. Let us live this year with all our might. Let us take up some goals and oath to complete them. Let us make the best use of the new juncture given to us. Let us be united with our countrymen. Let us spread universal brotherhood. Let us be an Earthian. Let us become the best we are. Let us fight all discriminations of caste, creed, religion and gender. Let us vow to stay united. Let us work hard to win over our minus points and make them our plus points. Let us give up slothfulness and work hard to achieve our goals. Let us vow to gain development. Let us finish up all our incomplete goals. Let us work hard and succeed in the new juncture given to us. Let us do good to everyone and be good to everyone. Let us contemplate creatively and work using our minds. Let us become free of all the social evils. Let us drudge to become the living angels of 2013. Let us make the world a heaven to live. Let 2013 become the best of all the past years. And first of all let us welcome the new chance gifted to us by Santa and try to improve ourselves. Let us welcome 2013. Let us wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. 
      Let us take up all the good morale values. Let us spread them round the world and make 2013 a year worth living. Every year comes with exigencies. But let us now impediment and continue to druge and we shall gain eminence.                        

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    You have written beautifully.
    Definitely, we lost many of our dear ones and the year is ending with sad incidents. Let us pray for the good our youngsters, leaders lead to guide to respect women folk i.e. "stree" and therefore "the shakti" will be also be supportive. Let your blogs guide the brothers and sisters to get positive thoughts to do something creative in order to grow nationwide.
    Love and blessings !!