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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gujju elections

     20th December is soon to arrive and all Gujarat inhabitants have exceeded their eagerness. For they are agog to know of their new C.M. Exit poles have been guessed out and the results have shocked up the Congress netajis. For  BJP has touched its tongues to the topmost of 126/182 seats as per the readings of the exit polls.
      Debates have taken up a start and there's no room left for the Congress members to speak up and show hope for their victory. Though i hate taking sides, but yet i am sure that even the readings on 20th would come up with the same results. But now CM ji is yearning to soon celebrate his victory. A nice feast awaits the BJP candidiates.
      But the Gujjus never give up talking. Round the state, the pros and cons of the Modi raj are being discussed. But yet the Gujaratis just don't talk. 'They do what they say' and this formula has been proven by the highest ever- 70% voting. So the Gujaratis have shown up their calibre and their duty towards the country as a citizen. They have proven their worth as a good citizen.
       So lets wait for a new face of developed Gujarat. Lets hope that after receiving an enormous response from the citizens Gujarat shall soon be the most developed state in India and round the world.