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Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Christmas year

   Its Christmas and the festive carnival takes a new twist. The snowy Christmas night, the day when Jesus was born. The day of of merriment and joy. Enthusiasm and enchantment becomes the root of the day. The children await for the wonderful gifts by Santa. The X-Mas trees are decorated with light bulbs and decorative articles.
   Christmas is celebrated all over the world. All religions take up Christmas as a fest of their own selves. Christmas vacations start up, and the kids giggle and chuckle around the whole day contemporaneously celebrating Christmas and vacs.
    Christmas's one line definition could be ' The best party ever for the birthday of the best person ever.' That's what Christmas is -CELEBRATION. Drinks and sweets and dishes and the best of parties. Santas roam round the cities. And Christmas carols are sung round the streets.
     Soon after Christmas comes the delightful night. The night of change in the calenders. The nights that lights  up a new year for every person on the blue planet. A year that brings new hope for the hopeful people and a new ray for every creature. The farewell is bade to the present year and a welcome is wished to the new year. Farewell parties and welcome parties are celebrated round the world, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and race. Once again a Christmasy joy bulges out and the same way it is celebrated. The countdown starts hours ago. and the people's eagerness increases with every passed second. And after the countdown starts the music and DJs. and dances and shouts greet the new upcoming year. Everyone contemplates of the new year and plan certain goals for for the same.
      So this is what December is full of. The birth of Jesus and the birth of a new year, fuses to impart joy and   relieve the people from stress and tensions for a while. And beckons the people from work towards enjoyment. A mood of celebration ruptures the daily routine, adding our boring daily life.
       A Merry Christmas to everyone. And welcome 2013................Bye 2012 and come dear come, my lovely new year.....I no more fear , of my forntunes of the past year, for now i am to welcome 2013 that shall be full of cheer...

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  1. Beautifully narrated. Let the zeal of describing the occasion pour much more thoughts of inspiration to create further motivation among the people what you wrote about the merriment and happiness. The Year 2013 starts as a gift of Santa.