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Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 year old raped!! (Gudiya)

   India's just held due to the branch of a tree in the steep valley slope. The tree branch will soon uproot one day, and on that day shall India fall into the valley of chaos and destruct like anything. The country isn't yet free from social evils. In the past the girls were deprived of their rights but today they are deprived of living. Yes, girls are no more safe in India. And the capital- Delhi is in the worst of conditions.
   The case of 16th December 2012 did give rise to upliftment of people's voice. Protests and processions were led by the annoyed Indians. But these protests didn't effect the section of the society that it aimed at. Yes, the rapers they don't just seem to be affected, for again a similar rape case is reported recently.
     And this time the victim isn't a young girl, but a mere kid around five years old. She was raped critically by a man called Manoj who is caught from a village in Bihar. The accuse is arrested, but yet no such law is passed to punish the victim the way he deserves. Hope this time there are sparks in the constitution and laws are passed to hang the rapers.
     The 5 year old is in observation and custody of the doctors of the capital. They say that she is in a stable condition by now. Yet prayers, marches and processions are proceeding round the country for that mere kid. Hope she gets well soon. And hope after fighting death, she shall also be able to fight the way she would be treated later on by the public.
      Lets keep the girl in our prayers. Let's pray for not only the tiny living creature but also the slipping country. Let's hope that people shall change up there mindsets. Lets hope there's something that shall aid India to climb up from the tree branch to the valley peak.
     Lets pray for better minds. Let's pray for girls and women. Let's pray for a better India. Let's pray for a better world....

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