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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jayalgarh- The paradise on Earth

Jayalgarh, a hilly region in Uttarakhand is something that shall forcibly become the apple of each on'es eye. IT is just 115 km from Haridwar and is like a lively paradise where one gets torn out from the real world and gets engrossed into the lovely nature and feel the utmost of eternal joy and experience the best of feelings. It's a place that shall scrap out all of one's worries and anxieties and it takes one to a ride in a stressless world. It can lick our hearts to love the nature built elements and stack up all enchantments into our soul, leaving behind all grievances and sorrows. It is a must-be-visited spot and it shall ensure complete merriment and an endurance of a jolly mood, that shall aid in awakening the creative phase of each creature. If its visited once, then not even the creator can rub it off from the archives in one's minds. Its something more than comparable with the heaven on Earth- Kashmir. It shall definitely boon and boost every nerve to hop and jump and it shall fasten one's nostrils to breathe in the fresh chilled air and experience something that could never be described with words but something one can just comprehend by the empiricism of the same. If one takes a glance at those inhabitants of the nearby villages then one shall digest the fact that heaven has the friendliest of creatures in the world. The talented Rafters and Kayakers habitating there are more then bright and wise. And this makes this place a perfect ten for adventure lovers, for adventure sports like Rafting, Kayaking, Bridge slithering are something quite prominent out there. And what's more, the campsite at the bank of River Alaknanda is just around 20-25kms from Devprayag- the place where the two rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet to form the holy Ganges. So its a sinless place too for its just abutting the peccancy and sin cleansing river Ganga. If one sends a weather balloon at the campsite then the notations and reports shall show that the weather there is cool year in and year out and rainfall in drizzle form is common almost once a week or something like that. The mornings and nights are freezing, though afternoons can melt the nerves. But on an average the weather during summer is bearable. The winters are snowy and the monsoons are flooding. So it is advisable to visit this place during the months of warmth. This place is almost pollution free except the vehicular pollution. The roads linking it to Haridwar are concreted, though they are narrow and at times deadly. The valleys round the road are something to look at and at places the flowing Alaknanda is also visible. At some sites the green water and the white sand makes the panorama a tremendous thrill and pleasure to be sighted and at times the white sand seems to be like snow covered land. Yet I can't wash out the illusions of myself being in Jayalgarh. The huge carved like cliffs and rocks, the green gushing noise of the flowing fluid, the tents allotted to us there, the geographical location of the campsite, the excellent food served there, the cute flowering and non-angiospermic trees and blissful atmosphere there, have sumingly occupied the plethora portion of my memories and yet the grief of separation from Jayalgarh is felt in my heart. Yet I miss the scenery there. My sorrow of separation is quite comparable to the separation of two beloved ones. So I say, do visit this loving place, and i assure that one shall feel like he/she has got the keys of heaven. I assure that one will feel that one is in the Lap of Nature.

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