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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Malala Yousafzai

Malala, a 15 year old girl, from Swat valley, Pakistan, is today the youngest to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her sudden popularism was all due to her efforts to protest against the Taliban rule in Swat valley.
  The Taliban had those days been trying to take entire control over Swat valley. They did inhuman behaviour to the inhabitants of that region. No one had the courage to fight against them. No one dared to even raise their voice. But under such a background, Malala the teen girl was the only one to show her courage and love for her hometown. She wrote a blog with a pseudonym for BBC detailing her life under Taliban rule, their attempts to take control over the whole valley and her views of promoting education for girls. It was her courage, her strength, her will power that made her great. She knew that Taliban was one of the most threatening terrorist group. She knew that a slight mistake could cost her entire life, but her intrepidity forced her to write and act against the Taliban rules.
  Then when the Taliban banned education for girls, Malala and her friends decided  to yet go to school against the Taliban wish. But unfortunately, when Malala was returning home, a group of terrorists captured the bus she was in and asked for Malala. Even at such a time, when Malala knew that the terrorists had come come to kill her, she exhibited her bravery. She stood up and fearlessly said with pride that she was . Malala. The terrorists shot her on her head and her neck, leaving her in a very critical condition. Even in such a condition, while fighting with death, she didn't lose hope.
  By now, Malala had become a popular public figure and a role model for many teens. People showed their concern for the determined girl by praying for her with a clear heart. Malala was then taken to UK for further treatment. And soon after certain months, Malala gained victory over the greatest of enemies- death.
  For her dedication to work for peace she won numerous peace awards.
  Even the New York Times filmed a documentary on her life. And the greatest of all honours, Ban-ki- moon , the secretary general of the UN announced that 10th of November shall be celebrated as the Malala day.

  Malala's intrepidity, her gallantry, her will power, her audacity, her fearlessness and her determination for a Taliban free Swat Valley won her the fame and the position she is in now. Malala and her father are yet not on the safe side. They are yet in the killing list of the Talibans. Let's keep Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai under our prayers.
  Let us all support Malala by fighting any injustice around us and raising our voice against it. Let us all do the same she did. Let us all try to bear the same virtues as her. Let us all keep aside all the fears that we have. Let us all wish for a terrorist- free world, as Malala wished.

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