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Monday, April 29, 2013

Best game ever

 Decades ago, did someone design the most threatening, mordacious and the life charging game. A game that permits everything. And a game where once entered, you can create the next stage on your own. A game where the players are countless and the hurdles infinite. A game where once dead you can enter again, but at a word of promise, that you shall play it with another avatar, and everytime will you have to start from the beginning. A game where you can love the other players, a game where you can kill and steal. A game where you make the laws and rules and you break it. And you learn the existing rules by entering it. A game where you can try out every addiction and a game where you can owe your own house and empire. A multiplayer game though. But yet jealousies too exist between two partners. and you can change your mates at everytime.
      A good game for those who play well, but a bad one for the bad and weak competitors  Yes, there's a time limit. A limit that varies with kind of avatars. A game where once you play again, it has been modified by the co-players. A game which chooses its hall of fame by the word form the players itself. A game where you can heal by aid of other players. A game where killing some other useful players, you can create aids for you. A game that uses up both your mental and physical powers. A game that includes downfalls and upliftments. A game where your fortune depends upon the time you chose your avatar.
        Once entered into the canvas, you cannot quit till the game creator oughts you to, though you cry for a new start. The only way can be killing yourself to wish for a new start. But yet that's the most difficult task for your desires shall only seldom allow you to do so. A game whose format is almost pre-written. A game where you get a position looking at your past record. A game where sometimes, thinking can help you proceed further. A game where money and empire does matter while you are playing, later on when dead you take back nothing while taking a new start.
          And if you fall into a really big error than the game creator shall jump in and help you, if your time is not ended yet and if your avatar power is strong enough. The only thing you would have to remember is that to win you shall act politely and calmly. You shan't be rude and mean. And the most important is that once you start playing you would have a rebirth even against your wish till you win it. And the 1 of the crores who win it get the chance to be in the admin team or the aiding team. The players do know the admin member names.
           Till certain stages you learn of the game and then for the next stages you play it. No one yet knows that when would this game end. Once you play more and advance through stages, your desires keep multiplying. You can experience all emotions and all attires.
            Yeah! don't misinterpret me. I am neither here for the marketing of any game. And nor is any such game a video game or a street game, as the game inventor didn't know any languages such as C++ or Java, as these are the languages created by the players of the game.
            First of all it needs just a word to reveal the admin of the game. The word -'God'...Yes, the players are we the humans. We have entered the canvas of this game. And taking different avatars, we are entering and taking part in this game. We don not know our past records but the admin knows. So we shall keep the records uplifted. For seeing all our past and present deeds is our future decided.
            The God decides our next steps hours before we take them. So if we want to win over this cycle of life and death, we need to purify our soul. And once we win it, we will definitely be rewarded. We will then no more be bound by any rules and we will surely become a part of the admin.
             So lets, play this game. Lets have the spirit, we will not lose anything due to death. Lets purify our soul and enter into the eternal heaven, where our life becomes washed off with the nectar of immortality. Lets enter into the undefied soul. Lets win this guys....

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