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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

National Pledge of India- summoning a downfall

         Pydimarri's writings in Telugu have been comprehended wrongly by the school- goers and to a greater extent by each and every person in general. Yes, Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao- the person who's words are recited with pride by every Indian citizen during Republic Day, Independence Day and even during School Assemblies and the words recited are nothing rather than the NATIONAL PLEDGE OF INDIA.
         A bit here and a bit there, but yet my words are sooth by all means. For whenever one says that 'INDIA IS MY COUNTRY. ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS...' there's a sudden interruption, 'So whom are you to marry?'. This mere question speaks the most. Yes, it does show the entire mindset of the people of our country. The way we believe and the way we think. And the way we answer this question, 'Just a second. ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS EXCEPT ONE.' So what have we interpreted of these pride filled words. We feel that saying this every morning means that any way do we behave with a girl or a boy, they are our sisters or brothers. And then though we embrace the opposite gender, ah! the person is our sibling. So we move round saying that the guy is my bro or the girl is my sis, and the bro and sis is just for what we are externally. So taking a wrong meaning, these precious pearls (The words of the pledge) are being misused by the youth and the teens.
        Though the above question is asked just for a sort of kidding and fun, but this means that such a thinking is already set up in the youthful minds. So if a boy has a girlfriend and if he's caught, then he shall easily say that all Indians are his brothers and sisters and so is the girl and he's just a close brother of the girl and nothing more.

         Yet I don't mean to be wrong, I only mean that brothers and sisters is not just for the sake that you don't fall in love with the every girl/boy beside you, so its not just to stop out the attraction and all that. But it is for, so that every Indian shall help each other, there shall be a sense of brotherhood irrespective of the caste, religion, gender, etc. and every person shall respect the other one. It is for so that we can protect every women and it is for so that we aid every needy. So that we shall love even the lower castes and the lower sections of the society.
          But who does actually follow the real sense. We screech at the poor beggar instead of aiding him. And if the poor girl calls for us for gaining our attention to beg for money then we shout like devils. And if the same time if a rich and pretty girl does so, then we say Oh dear! you are my sis for all Indians are my brothers and sisters. Where did these words disappear in case of the poor girl? Instead of helping her we just shoo her off.
         Now something quite familiar, the fight between religions, yes, the community riots. Where's the term brotherhood there? So you wanna kill the other religions like slaves and suppress them. Then where do the words of the pledge go? We are just mean we use the words at wrong places and at the right place we just kick the words aside and do as we like so.
        The most recent debates on the Delhi case, wasn't the poor girl the victim's sister. The rapers were Indians too. But yet those words matter a little at that time.
         Oh! Thank God! I say, that Pyadimarri's no more to see the misusage of his sentences. Or else had he too started a new prize just like Alfred Nobel. Yes, these words are as hazardous and dangerous as the dynamites. Though made to bond the Indians like a family, they are just used by the misers and no one else.      What's more, you know, the children just mug up the lines of the Pledge, but hardly have they known its meaning, except that brothers and sisters part. Most of the children recite it wrongly. They say 'INDIA WELL BEING instead of IN THEIR WELL BEING' and not once or twice, the whole school life they just recite the wrong words and adults expect that children shall follow the words. No one's there to correct the kids. Not even the school staff. Ah! even some adults say it wrongly. Isn't that an insult of the pledge and even to a great extent the insult of the nation.

          We don't even know the literal meaning of the Indian Pledge and we say we believe in patriotism. Just speaking the mugged up words at school cannot develop a sense of nationhood. M.C. Chagla and the others of the education board probably made the recitation of pledge at school assembly a kind of mandatory so that these words shall flow out from every child's heart and the child shall never forget what he/she promised. But instead the pupil mug up the pledge and like mindless fellows recite it everyday with an utmost speed, showing their mugging capacity and taking out the wrong meanings of certain vital words.

         A pledge is essentially an oath of alliance, which is thought to help out people to be focused and
determined to their goals and principles. And the same is in our case. Our Indian Pledge is so that all the Indians shan't forget their goal to make India the best place to live and the principle of kindness, helpfulness, oneness, brotherhood, secularism, sovereignty and all the other morale values.
          So let's not interpret wrong allusion of the finely written words and sentences. SO lets pledge to unite, so lets pledge to take India to the peak.....

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness.

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