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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maoist attack in Chhatisgarh

  "The lack of security", as said by Satyanarayan Sharma as well as B. K. Hariprasad, led to a massive killing of unarmed Indians, including the Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel, his son, the founder of Salwa Judum-the anti naxal campaign, Mahendra Karma, former Congress legislator Uday Mudaliyar,  summing up to around 28 people being killed. 30 people including the ex- Madhya Pradesh CM Vidya Charan Sukhla were seriously injured. Sukhla was found on the ambush spot, bleeding and having wounded with 3 bullets. He is now in a hospital, and the docs describe his condition as very serious.
Nand Kumar and his son Dinesh are said to be abducted by the Maoists in accord to the sources. Their bodies were found from Darbha Ghat.
  The other Congress leaders who were returning back after the Parivartan Yatra were either barraged by the enormous number of the Maoists at Darbha Ghati valley or their cars hit the mines set out by the Maoists.
A number of forums and discussions have laid out pointing at the fact that this all happened due to the lack of security provided to the congress leaders by the ruling state CM. But yet there are wrangling forums being held in the entire country.
Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh reviewed the situation. They called up chief minister Raman Singh to offer para- military reinforcements. The CM had returned to Raipur, cancelling his Vikas Yatra, to hold an emergency meeting of the state cabinet.
  This time the attack of Maoist is said to be the most destructive. But I feel that the reason for the above destruction is not the number of people killed or the way they were killed, but just because this time the dead bodies included the minister. If were the 28 just common men, then I don't suppose that the attack would have been described too much critical. Then there won't have been too much of sheding of tears and too much of emergency declarations. To be very frank, I say that to each and every human whom I talked of the attacks had the very pleasant reaction. 'Oh Wow! The ministers are killed, this is what shall happen.'
  Instead of a feeling of pity, each one is glad that this time the ministers were barraged upon. So this shows the anger of the countrymen upon the leaders. That the leaders are as cruel as the stories of Kansh and Ravana that the people who chose the leaders are happy of their death. I don't mean to describe 100% reactions, but I say that our country's leaders are disgraced to such an extent that soon their death would be celebrated upon.
  But as a human each one does have a soft corner for the dead as well as the injured ones. Now at least let's fulfill our duty. Let's play for the speedy recovery of the injured ones. Let's also pray for the mothers who lost their sons, the brothers who lost their sisters, the wives who lost their husbands and each one Indian who lost his/her country mate. May God be with the victims' families. And at last let's wish that each human dead, may Rest In Peace.
R.I.P. the victims of the Maoist inhumanity...

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