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Friday, May 3, 2013

Thought Pollution!!! by VT 3.

    Being inspired by the thinking of the ecologists and geographers, I decided to make them my role models. I too thought of a pollutant that causes a pollution of thoughts. I would rather say that its not only for my gain but also for the gain of every little child.
     I plotted my hypothesis on the basis of the study of the brains of a child of every age. My study concluded that the thoughts of a five year old are more bound as compared to the thoughts of a 2 or 3 year old. This article can be useful
    So the survey procedure was that I asked a 3 year old child, to test whether to what extent he can dwell his hand inside fire. The little kid suffused his hands like water. He was speeding up without any fright. I asked him to move gently and step-by-step. The kid gallantly took his hands near the burning wood. He then stopped ans said, "Oh! chho file ij hamful....Hmmmm....But not till I am as neal aj I am now." So this shows that as the child was untold of the fact that fire can cause burns, so he had no fright in his mind. He wasn't bound. He was even ready to touch the flame.
     Now if we take a learned child, a 5 year old. If we ask him to do so, he will say, "Oh chhis! Don'tch you know thatch file iz hamful?" So this provokes that knowledge creates boundaries. The 5 year old would think that if though he gets burns then....
      So this states that knowledge can cause and lead to the knotting of thoughts as well. The first child, was just told to move his hand closer gradually. he wasn't told why. So what he did was that he tested the challenge. He practically observed his experiment and then using his reasoning power came to conclusions.
       Instead, the elder child did what he was taught to by books 'Not to dwell even close to a burning object.' So he shall never try out to practically use his reasoning power and rather sit and mug up the pre- written theories, and fence himself with knowledge.
       I suppose that the same happened here. The knowledge led to contamination of creativity, logical reasoning and new thoughts. Yes, the world has till now faced these pollutionary effects courageously, but now we cannot bear the pollution of thoughts. The other activities of men indirectly affected the fellow beings and directly affected the environment. But thought pollution instead, directly attacks man and indirectly affects the nature.
       So isn't it more hazardous. Yes, it is caused by the stress and pumping of theoretical knowledge in the young minds. No one cares whether the kids did comprehend anything or not. Just learn and get good marks. So this kind of pressure on a mind can effect the creativity of a pupil. And why it indirectly affects nature because if creativity is lost then one cannot tender nature and find beauties and wonderments from it.
        If creativity is lost, then world will soon summon a fall. There will be a declination in the invention of new things. So let's better plot the abatements:
    1.No one shall be forced to inject rugs of crap into the mind.
    2.Education shall be made completely practical.
    3.New thoughts shall be welcomed and appreciated upon.
    4.There shall be kept no boundaries as per thinking is concerned.
 And the most effective:
    5.Exams shall be banned as they create stress, and stress pollutes thoughts.
So lets unite friends...Lets fight for our right....Lets fight optimistically for a practical- based education. Lets add this pollution too in the list of pollutions and let the pollutant be theoretical knowledge. Guys, lets spread this....Let this article reach the ecologists. Do share it. It will be useful to every little child...

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  1. Pls do share it...Hope it soon reaches the an ecologist...