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Friday, May 3, 2013

Pollution and its kinds..1.

    The world was created decades ago by our omnipotent creator. He made the biosphere that includes all the creatures from kingdom plantae, kingdom animalia and the microscopic kingdom and the abiotic components include all our surrounding non- living elements. All our surrounding natural elements can be termed as our 'environment'.
     The ecosystem supports a continuous interaction among the components that evolved on the Mother Earth. We the human beings continuously make use of the environmental elements. Till ancient age, this usage was judicious and at a controlled rate. But as the technological advancements were made, the human misery scaled at its peak.
      Homo Sapiens started the wastage of environmental resources. This excessive usage not only lead to the decrease of such resources but also lead to other effects on the environment itself. These effects are very harmful to our environment, and as we are chained with our environment, then these effects would to a greater extent harm us.
       The most hazardous of all the mordacious effects include pollution. Pollution is caused due to the various pollutants. These pollutants include particulate, solid and gaseous pollutants. Pollution is defined as the contamination of the environment by any undesirable substance that has hazardous effects on living components and also cause damage to air, water, soil, etc.
        Pollution occurs naturally too, but it isn't at our arms length. Natural pollution used to occur even before our evolution on Earth. But anthropogenic pollution has crossed all limits. Knowing the fact, that harming the environment indirectly harms us, yet we cannot put an end to such an activity. And as a result pollution has become so prominent that for the sake of its study, it has to be simplified into categories. So on the main kinds of pollution are-
1. Air Pollution
2.Water Pollution
3.Soil Pollution
4.Noise Pollution
5.Radioactive pollution
Part 2 continue.....

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