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Sunday, May 5, 2013

You shall not always win!!

After a very boisterous traditional sports day at Rotary club of Bharuch organized by MIPRYC, I am completely drenched in agony. We played the convivial games that our parents used to enjoy in their childhood. At first it just felt woeful, but to the very last I had some coins in my bag that made my day. The thing that I unliked the most was that the games weren't challenges but they were for the gratification of every    human in the friendly rabble. 
But as to being organized by such an authorized institution at the District level, I palpably say that there should have been some agendas of laws and rules that had to be accorded. But at all cost, it seemed just fun and tanning of skin below the 42 degree hot Sun. The unexpected haphazard resulted in the not a single creature adhering to the rules. And every player playing more than once even after being eliminated. There wasn't any cliche to give off the trophies, the fortunate ones skied the slippery snow and then climbed up the Everest to collect the trophies.
Weeks ago had there  been a kind of pre- planning of such a massive event. The playing teams were decided right away days ago. But the on the spot team making idea spoiled the entire broth. As it is said the cooks with strength parked in the best of teams and the meek cooks were left over. But the on the spot team cliche however, skimmed them off and stirred them into a new regiment. This is what happened year in and year out, in every game. 
The moment I reached the tournament quadrangle. There were hundreds of people boundless of ages who were acquisitive to play down right to the end. The first of all the chaotic thrills that we summoned was the individual tyre race. The tyres varying in sizes and shape. The one grabbing the best shaped tyre licked and cut off the red ribbon at the victory end. The bad- shaped tyre owners who had to be disqualified, too played again, having no judiciary wing. The executive wing was busy noting the winners. The fortunates bagged the trophies and the others without jealousies kept smiling and wishing them.
Some games were summoned without the knowledge of the other participants. While the other participants were busy with the other  games, the losers and the non participants made their own groups and whistled up the beginning of the other fun games. I did want to play all but.....I am speechless as to this is concerned.
Then came the tug of war. Here came that skimming action. And agog, the rattling of the meek. But the meeks were not always the same. The lack of proper rules, resulted in every player helping the other teams, and by chance that team wins, then comes the team changing misery plan. 
The entire club was turned in a mess with bits of dumping pollutants all round. There wasn't much to talk of the served food, but a word 'Average' in taste and 'Poor' in service could pain up the entire canvas. 
And the most vital of all the flaws, there weren't any categories. All men and women in one stove. And the little kids being kicked of the canvas. I would prefer to suggest for sufficient categories so that the fun doesn't get chopped off for the ladies and the kids.
The entire award ceremony was a total crap, with the team with the men ruling down the kingdom. Yes, some women, I am emphasizing, yes some women won too, but it was just a pinch full of number among the numerous men victors. 
Why am I so being too much negative?? Even I am contemplating upon this fact. Just because I won a single runners up trophy and so am I removing the frustration? I feel that its true. I do hate games without rules, but as I said that at the end of the day I am happy, this means that there is something gladdening about the games. Something or maybe only one thing, yes, gazing at the friendliness and unity of every religion and gendered creature, I felt a bliss of relief. Yes, the way the people played, in chaos without any regulations and rules, and yet no fights? Not even any arguments? This bestows the endurance power of friendship. This is what exhibits the friendliness of the people. The sportsman spirit, though lost yet distributing smiles to the opponents. This fact is what that removed all the filth and grits of hatred for today. 
So even after having won just a single trophy, I thank the entire staff of MIPRYC for their contribution towards this enormous event. The half of the city, rattling to win, yet at least this much of efficiency and fluency in the program. So at the end of everything I can say with pride that I am a part of the MIPRYC family and though being afflicted of tiredness, I am happy that I got the opportunity to be a part of the day that was just set up to revive the old traditions and culture of India.....At last I say that my day today was a perfect ten. And I say that however great a tournament be, it is not necessary that we shall play following the rules, it is not necessary that we shall always win. Sometimes, lets enjoy our play time. The trophies are just steel plates or gold platted materials...So lets enjoy....Lets just play for joy... :) :) :) :) ;)  

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