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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The stone in fine feather- the best vacation spot

   The crafty flexy boulders of the enormous and immortal Himalayas, have something that shall mate one's mind. I don't mean to talk of just the stunning ravishness of the ranges, but the way the rocks are molded into quite such a state by the nature, that they courageously bear every storming phase of matter. The rocks are really something to cogitate upon, something to take up as a role model.Their strength is something that is incomparable. Not just for they stand still since years, but just because they stand bearing all the cuddling hurdles in their life span as a rock.
   They fight the stormy winds, groping their way to victory. Since years have they been bearing the storms. Yet all still, trying their best, not losing hope at all. This is the part of those ranges that I loved the most. They bear everything, yet their beauty never loses its worth. If we contrast it to the humans, then the strongest of humans are the wrestlers. They are quite more nothing to look at other then their muscles and height. They have scars that make them look ugly. The mounts does have scars but yet the scars don't subtract to their beauty. What it means is that, when a bewitch human tries to bear pain, its effects or later consequences become clearly visible, but in case of the rocks, while they bear, yet they look as pretty as they used to be.
   Their stubborn nature, though adamant do they seem, but yet their rigidity is what is to be noted down.In our life, we shall learn from each and every mere thing, though its non living, as every tiny bit has its own knowledge.
   Well some thoughts  at times, just wrangle me up. Those Himalayas were so beautiful that they occupied my cornea. My cerebrum forces me to just slip into its fantasies. Every tiny feature of it, licks my eternal heart. Every tiny effort made by its components seems to me as if that is the best quality of the universe.
    Then what more, the snow covered on it seemed to me like the most wonderful thing I ever saw. It freshened me up, though too very cold and freezing it did generate a feeling of gladsomeness. I just wish to prickle that snow and wear it on my visage, just like my love- Himalayas.
     I don't care of the filth it bears, but I just miss it too much and a lot. I wish I could have built my abode right there. Its view revealed all my stress. I feel to go there once again and never come back. Get lost in its fantasies and be trapped in its contemplations. I still stay awake on the bed thinking of it. And my heart just forcing me to get there again. I just can't forget that site. All words of praise are just less for me to talk of the ranges. Just wanna get there, at the cost of everything. Wish that there shall be a Himalayan de-addiction center....


  1. I can see that your language is improving day by day. Keep it I like this article.

  2. Jay ho!! The Great Himalayan Ranges:)